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From Afdera to Dallol

Crossing the Danakil depression
Bianca Cremonesi and Alberto Vascon, March 2003
1995 - An Italian expedition in the Danakil desert is kidnapped by the Afars
1995 - Clive Hoppenheimer expedition to Erta Ale is stopped by armed Afars

2001 - A French expedition tried to reach the Erta Ale volcano, but its guides were killed.

Immediatly after, an American expedition was forced to abandon

In march 2003 we tried to cross
the Danakil depression
Last time crossed in 1974
Checking the Toyota in Afdera before departure
We have the escort of three afar policemen
We pass west of the Maraa ash ring
Ale Bogu volcano
A premonitory sign
Overnight at Abdallali
Preparing the camels for the Erta Ale
25 km camel trek
Break from 11.00 to 15.00 hr.
Camping at dusk one hour from the top
Proceding to Erta Ale before dawn

On the caldera ridge

The volcano pit
Driver and guides
Inside the caldera
After Erta Ale we try the crossing to Dallol
We take two more passengers on the back seat of the Toyota
We try to avoid the sand dunes
At noon we reach Waideddo
Four hours rest
At 4 pm we proceed to Hamed Ela
We are lost in the oasis
We take a sixth passenger on the back seat
Soon we are stuck in the sand
In sight of Assale
At sunset we reach Hamed Ela
We have recorded the volcanoes names
Hamed Ela Sheraton
In the Salt Plain
We cross the Sabba river and climb up to the highlands
In Macalle with our driver Girma

The first crossing with one single car

March 2003




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